What is the Best Flooring to Get When You Have Pets?

What is the Best Flooring to Get When You Have Pets?

If you have some furry friends living in your house, you’ve probably had the stress at some point of dealing with a stain or scratched floor now and then. It can be difficult to know which flooring is best for your pets, especially if you have never had one before. Love them as much as we do, there’s no denying they can have a bit of an impact on the state of our homes! While your pet’s happiness is always the top priority, we want to make sure your home has the best chance of thriving as well. That’s why we’re here to give our advice on the best floors to have installed if you’re worried about the effect your pets will have on them.

Wooden Flooring

If your pets are prone to accidents or bringing in mud, wooden flooring may be the perfect option for you. Wood is extremely beneficial as it is very easy to clean with a mop, vacuum cleaner or even a dustpan and brush. It is also a very durable material. If you are concerned about scratches from your pets’ claws, you will typically not find this to be much of an issue, as the natural stains in the wood will usually cover up any dents and marks. Moreover, natural wooden flooring is stain resistant, meaning you won’t have to worry about mud or anything else from your furry one’s paws!

The only disadvantage you may encounter with wooden floors is the risk of slipping.


While we don’t generally advise having carpet installed if you have pets, it is possible if you take care to clean the floor thoroughly and regularly. We would suggest installing the carpet in the parts of your home where your pets are less likely to go, perhaps in your bedroom or upstairs if they are off-limits. 

Carpet is generally not recommended due to its ability to trap dirt, mud, fur and dust. It is also a lot more likely to stain than other materials and has the potential to store fleas that your pets bring in.

Vinyl Flooring

Our number one recommendation for flooring if you have pets is vinyl flooring. This is the most durable type of flooring available, making it perfect for your little furry friends as they run back and forth. As with wooden flooring, it has stain-resistant properties, so you won’t have to worry about any permanent damage. It’s incredibly easy to clean, and some types are even waterproof. You won’t ever have to worry about replacing the flooring, as it is impossible for claws to make any scratches or dents!

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