How to Protect Your Carpet When Painting

How to Protect Your Carpet When Painting

If you’ve ever redecorated a house, you probably understand the struggle of attempting to redo the walls without splattering paint all over everything else in the room. This is especially true if you’ve also had a new carpet installed. Paint can be pretty much fatal to carpets, which is why we recommend taking every precaution to ensure it remains adequately protected throughout your painting process.

Cover the Floor

This is going to be the most important step to ensuring your carpet remains free of stains during your decorating process. No matter how skilled a painter you think you may be, there’s no guaranteeing that splodges of paint won’t fall from your brush and ruin your freshly laid flooring. For larger projects, we always recommend covering your entire carpet with a large cloth or plastic dust sheet. These can also be used to cover furniture and anything else you don’t want to be covered in paint. Covering your carpets with these sheets will protect them from any spills or stray drops from your paintbrush. You can find these sheets in any major hardware stores or online shops such as Amazon at very affordable prices. 

Alternatively, if you want to be extra careful, you can purchase dedicated carpet covers for painting, which will guarantee you won’t have any accidents concerning your carpet. These are easy to use, waterproof, and often come with adhesive to secure them in place, ensuring they won’t become dislodged as you paint. 

A newspaper may well do the trick if you are painting on a much smaller scale. Old papers are very handy when it comes to more awkward angles, as they can fit in every nook and cranny. If you are painting your skirting boards, we highly recommend using newspaper to cover the floor below to catch any running paint.

Paint With Care

Of course, whilst covering your carpet is necessary, it’s always best to avoid spilling paint where possible, if only to save on supplies and avoid a lengthy cleanup later on. Painting walls requires dedication and precision along with a steady hand. When using a roller, be sure to go slowly and carefully to avoid splattering or spilling paint over the floor. This will also ensure a smoother, more professional-looking finish. Also make sure that you don’t overload your roller or brush with paint, as this will most likely result in large amounts falling from the paintbrush onto the floor. Before applying it to the wall, wipe off the excess paint from your brush to ensure you aren’t overdoing it. 

When painting around awkward obstacles such as light switches, it can be highly beneficial to use an edging tool, as this will allow you to easily paint a clean, smooth edge without getting paint on anything you didn’t mean to get colour on.

Enjoy a Stunning New Home with Goring Road Carpets

Now that you know the best ways to protect your carpet when redecorating, nothing is standing in your way between you and your best home yet. Goring Road Carpets offers a luxury range of products perfect for the home of your dreams. Got any questions? No worries. Contact our friendly team today to find out all about our services and receive expert advice from the people who know best. Your perfect home may be just a carpet away!

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