Use THIS Colour Trick to Make Your Home a Happier Place

Use THIS Colour Trick to Make Your Home a Happier Place

We all know that colour can be a game-changer. It can set the entire tone for a room, even making it look bigger or smaller or darker or lighter.

Colour has a million and one uses in our world, beyond just making things look pretty. Think about babies – how many parents-to-be decorate their nursery with blue if they’re expecting a boy and pink if they’re expecting a girl?

Then you have flags, different colours representing different countries. There are football teams, millions of fans repping their favourite teams’ colours to show solidarity and support.

Everywhere you look, there are various colours showing identity, expression and personality.

It goes without saying, therefore, that the colour carpet you choose can have a BIG impact on your home.

Colour Psychology

It’s not all about self-expression and identity, though.

Multiple studies also suggest that colour can even have an effect on people’s moods. 

Even if it’s not specifically the colour that affects people, the general brightness (or lack thereof) of a room can transform the feel of a room. 

Depending on the atmosphere you want to create for each room, you should always consider the lighting. If you’re going for a calm vibe, maybe consider opting for a more muted colour palette. On the flip side, whites and creams will create a brighter, more stimulating atmosphere, ideal for a workspace. 


Neutral can be a safe option, as it leaves plenty of scope for bold accents when it comes to furniture and room decor.


Choosing blue paint for your walls and a complimentary carpet colour can go a long way in making your room a calming space.

Blue is generally associated with serenity and cleanliness, which is important to bear in mind when decorating your home.


Bringing in bright colours can be amazing for making the house a happier and more stimulating space.

Yellow, in particular, is an incredibly bright, happy shade that has been proven to improve people’s moods and give people energy.


If used properly, grey can go a long way in making a space seem sophisticated and elegant, especially when complemented well with other colours and decorations.

Goring Road Carpet Centre For Quality Service

Of course, the look of your carpet will often come down to the quality of your carpet. Nothing kills a room quite like poorly fitted flooring. 

That’s why we’re here, ready to help with any flooring projects you have in mind. If you’d like to enquire about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Goring Road Carpet Centre today. 

How to Pick the Perfect Colour Scheme For Your Home

How to Pick the Perfect Colour Scheme For Your Home

We all know there’s a lot to think about when it comes to interior design. 

One of the biggest elements of this (which you need to consider before starting pretty much anything) is your colour scheme. 

It’s important not to take this decision too lightly. After all, if your house is too coordinated, it will likely lack character. If, however, it’s uncoordinated, it can very easily become a teensy bit tacky. 

So, where do you start?

Get the Feel You Want For Your Home

Before you start picking colours, you need to decide what kind of feel you want your home to give off. 

Do you want to feel cosy, creating a sanctuary-type space to zen out and relax after a long working day?

Perhaps you’re looking to manifest creativity in a stimulating environment.

Maybe, you want somewhere that exudes elegance – somewhere perfect for hosting dinner parties and gatherings with friends. 

Your colour scheme is going to play a big role in helping you get the effect you want. 

If you’re going for cosy, pick out some warming autumnal colours. If you want calm, try a baby blue. If you’re hoping for happy, choose some bright yellows or pinks. You’d be surprised by how much psychology there is behind colour. 

Pick a Starting Point

If you’re not sure about the vibe you’re going for, you can always take a different approach.

Maybe there’s a piece of furniture you’re hoping to put on display in your living room or a piece of wallpaper you want to use as an accent. Why not base your colour scheme around this starting point?

Alternatively, you could choose to use colours and patterns from your favourite art style.

Go Basic, Then Branch Out

Like we mentioned above, you don’t want to go so overboard with the clashing that it comes across as tacky. 

For this reason, we always advise picking one or two neutral colours as a base before branching out into the more fun picks. 

This will make your house much more cohesive whilst allowing your chosen fun colours to really pop.

From here, pick a few bolder colours to distribute throughout the house, repeating colours in different rooms as accents.

Carpet is Key

Nothing ties a room together quite like the flooring.

Perhaps you want a sophisticated hardwood floor, the deep mahogany shade complementing the traditional furniture.

Alternatively, you could go for a cream coloured carpet to match the cosy throw draped over the sofa.

There’s no limit to the ways your flooring choice can spruce up your interior space.

Got any questions about carpets and colour? That’s what we’re here for.

Get in touch with the expert team at Goring Road Carpet Centre for a customer experience you won’t forget.

Our team members are experts in all things flooring and are always more than happy to help with any questions and offer advice where needed.

Carpet vs Hardwood Flooring: The Pros and Cons

Carpet vs Hardwood Flooring: The Pros and Cons

You’ve probably undergone the flooring dilemma if you’ve ever redecorated a house.

We don’t blame you for feeling torn. It’s a big decision to make; after all, the flooring can make or break the feeling of a room.

All you can do when making this decision is weigh up the pros and cons of each and decide which option best suits your needs.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list so you can do just that.

Carpet Pros:

Carpet Cons:

Hardwood Pros:

Hardwood Cons:

What Will You Choose?

It can be hard to see what the clear verdict is, as both carpet and hardwood flooring have their upsides and downsides. Ultimately, your choice should depend on your needs and personal taste.

If you have young children, we would recommend a plush carpet. If you’re prone to spillages, maybe opt for hardwood flooring as a safer option. Hardwood flooring is the way forward if you want to ooze elegance and traditionalism. Whereas, carpet is probably preferable if you like a more cosy atmosphere.

There’s a reason why there’s no one universal type of flooring. Ultimately, people want different things.

If you’re still feeling stuck, there’s no need to panic. Our team is full of passionate flooring experts who are happy to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with us or pop into one of our stores in Worthing, Billingshurst or Rustington to find out more about our services or to talk to a member of our team.


Maintain Your Wood Flooring in the Best Way

Maintain Your Wood Flooring in the Best Way

Certain aspects of your house are harder to maintain than others. While people often opt for hardwood floors over carpet to avoid the risk of stains, many things can also damage wooden flooring.

That doesn’t mean it has to be complicated, though.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you maintain and protect your wooden flooring, no matter how many feet trample over it every day.

Mop 'Til You Drop

Okay, maybe not ’til you drop. Perhaps just until the floor is clean enough.

Dust is never a good look for wooden floors. Aside from dulling the colour, it can also give the room an unpleasant smell, which we’re sure you would rather avoid.

We recommend investing in a microfibre cloth or mop to get up all those pesky particles. Alternatively, throw a soft-brush attachment onto your vacuum and give your floor a once-over every few days.

Stains, Stains, Go Away

You always want to make sure you catch stains before they set in properly. Water can be incredibly detrimental to wooden flooring and can cause it to warp if left unchecked. Use a damp microfibre cloth and cleaning spray to mop up any spillages before they do lasting damage.

The More You Scratch...

It’s pretty much inevitable that your flooring will be subject to little scratches here and there. However, that’s not to say there’s nothing you can do to limit the damage.

Think about all the little things you can do on a daily basis to prevent severe scratches. Maybe make it a rule that everyone has to take their shoes off as they enter the house. Not only will this prevent any stray stones from messing up the floor, but it will also prevent people from treading mud everywhere.

On a similar note, it may be a good idea to make sure your pets’ nails are kept trimmed. You’d be shocked how easily those little paws can wreak havoc over wooden flooring.

We also strongly advise picking up some felt furniture tips to avoid letting your tables and chairs scrape up the room.

The Floor is a Vampire

Well, not really, but it may be best to think this way when it comes to the sun.

You can’t very well go slathering SPF over every inch of your flooring, which is why it’s probably best to keep it shielded from too much direct sunlight.

Yes – that pesky big ball of fire in the sky can even damage your wooden flooring if you leave it too exposed. Like many other materials, it’s likely to fade and discolour over time.

The solution? Well, there are a few options. We would recommend either a stylish set of blinds to keep the sunlight at bay or a cosy rug to protect the flooring whilst giving the room an extra layer of personality.

We've Got You

Thinking about adding some sophistication and practicality to your house with wooden flooring?

Luckily, we’re here for you, no matter your needs.

Here at Goring Road Carpets, we are driven by a passion for what we do and a desire to see each and every one of our customers happy in their homes. We stock a diverse range of wooden flooring, samples of which you can find in our stores.

Still got questions? That’s what we’re here for. Give us a call or head over to one of our showrooms in Billingshurst, Worthing or Rustington to chat with a friendly member of staff. We serve the West Sussex area with great pride and would be happy to invite you into the Goring Road Carpet Centre family.

Redesign Your Home In 3 Easy Steps

Interior design can seem daunting to anyone unsure of how to go about the process.

Frankly, the last thing you want to do when redesigning your home is to wing it. No matter the look you’re going for, you always want to make sure it looks cohesive throughout the design. It can be pretty jarring to walk into a room the design elements don’t complement each other.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a quick guide to let you know the three steps you can complete for a stylish, cohesive look every time, whether you’re looking to redesign your bedroom, your living room, or even your bathroom.

Mood Boards Are Your Friend

You’re never going to achieve the look you want if you’re not even sure what you want. 

Take some time to brainstorm by researching on Pinterest, Instagram and Google. Make sure you save all your favourites as you browse. Once you’ve compiled all the best images into one place, you’ll likely have a much clearer idea of your design. From here, you can streamline your finds by making a mood board, either using a platform like Pinterest, throwing them into a PowerPoint, or even going the old-fashioned route and turning them into a physical collage. 

The theme that emerges from your research will direct your design choices, from colour to texture to furniture. 

Kiss the Clutter Goodbye

As tempting as it is to launch straight into the exciting stuff, you need to get rid of the junk first.
Redesigning your home presents the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. You can’t achieve that fresh start if you’re still hanging onto a load of things you don’t need that are taking up unnecessary space in your house and mind.

We would always advise doing a thorough sort-through of your belongings and clearing out all the things that serve no purpose in your life anymore. Trust us; you’ll be surprised at how amazing you feel afterwards.

However, make sure you keep it as sustainable as possible. If you’re not loving an old piece of furniture, consider upcycling it instead of buying something new. On a similar note, never underestimate the power of second-hand steals. Check out your local charity shops or platforms like Facebook Marketplace to find some unique, affordable elements for your new home.

To Tie it all Together...

While we’re on the topic of underestimating things, you should NEVER overlook how important flooring can be.

Your flooring choice will very much vary depending on where you’re planning to redesign and the atmosphere you want to cultivate.

If you want a cosy, bedroom feel, a plush cream carpet may just be the key element that gives you the result you’re looking for. Alternatively, if you want a stylish, sophisticated dining area where you can host dinner parties, a hardwood floor will most likely do the trick.

Let Us Help You Create the Perfect Home

As we mentioned, flooring is a pretty essential part of your home and will play a big role in setting the tone of the room. It can be difficult to know what would work best for your needs, which is why we have an expert team on hand to help you select the perfect flooring.

Got any questions? No worries. Get in touch with our team through the form on our website to talk to our friendly team.

What is the Best Flooring to Get When You Have Pets?

What is the Best Flooring to Get When You Have Pets?

If you have some furry friends living in your house, you’ve probably had the stress at some point of dealing with a stain or scratched floor now and then. It can be difficult to know which flooring is best for your pets, especially if you have never had one before. Love them as much as we do, there’s no denying they can have a bit of an impact on the state of our homes! While your pet’s happiness is always the top priority, we want to make sure your home has the best chance of thriving as well. That’s why we’re here to give our advice on the best floors to have installed if you’re worried about the effect your pets will have on them.

Wooden Flooring

If your pets are prone to accidents or bringing in mud, wooden flooring may be the perfect option for you. Wood is extremely beneficial as it is very easy to clean with a mop, vacuum cleaner or even a dustpan and brush. It is also a very durable material. If you are concerned about scratches from your pets’ claws, you will typically not find this to be much of an issue, as the natural stains in the wood will usually cover up any dents and marks. Moreover, natural wooden flooring is stain resistant, meaning you won’t have to worry about mud or anything else from your furry one’s paws!

The only disadvantage you may encounter with wooden floors is the risk of slipping.


While we don’t generally advise having carpet installed if you have pets, it is possible if you take care to clean the floor thoroughly and regularly. We would suggest installing the carpet in the parts of your home where your pets are less likely to go, perhaps in your bedroom or upstairs if they are off-limits. 

Carpet is generally not recommended due to its ability to trap dirt, mud, fur and dust. It is also a lot more likely to stain than other materials and has the potential to store fleas that your pets bring in.

Vinyl Flooring

Our number one recommendation for flooring if you have pets is vinyl flooring. This is the most durable type of flooring available, making it perfect for your little furry friends as they run back and forth. As with wooden flooring, it has stain-resistant properties, so you won’t have to worry about any permanent damage. It’s incredibly easy to clean, and some types are even waterproof. You won’t ever have to worry about replacing the flooring, as it is impossible for claws to make any scratches or dents!

Choose Goring Road Carpets For High-Quality Flooring

Looking to give your home the upgrade it needs? Goring Road Carpets are your best choice. With our extensive range of flooring options and expert team of experienced fitters, you’ll never have to worry about your home looking stylish again.

Got any questions? Need advice? No worries.

Our team will always go above and beyond for every single one of our customers. We are more than happy to help answer your enquiries and recommend the perfect flooring option for your home, both in terms of style and practicality. If you’d like to learn more about our services, have a browse of our website and check out the range of flooring options we have on offer. Want to enquire about our services? Head over to the ‘contact us’ section of our website, where you will find all our contact details.

Your home deserves the best. Visit Goring Road Carpets for nothing less!

Spring Clean Your Carpet This May

spring clean your carpet

Somehow, it’s that time of year again. The Easter bunny has come and gone, days are getting longer, and coats are no longer necessary on evening walks. If you haven’t already, you’re probably feeling some pressure to give your house a refresh, perhaps have a clear-out and make your home sparkling clean for the oncoming warmer months. 

There are few things quite as frustrating as cleaning a room top to bottom only to uncover pesky stains that won’t budge, ruining the pristine look you were going for. If this scenario resonates with you, worry no more. We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide to making those carpets look as good as new.

Remove Stains From Easy-Clean Carpets

The first step to any carpet cleaning is thorough vacuuming. There’s no point trying to get out stains if your floor is scattered with crumbs, mud and dust; you’ll likely only end up scrubbing new stains into the carpet. Once you’ve ensured all the easily removable dirt is gone, it’s time to tackle the more challenging parts.
If possible, it’s always best to perform this process as soon as the stain occurs, as it will become harder to remove the longer it is left. Start by making a solution of household bleach, one part bleach to ten parts warm water. Apply the solution to a white cloth and gently dab the stain, starting from the outside and working inwards. Refrain from scrubbing at the carpet, as you run the risk of pushing the stain deeper into the fabric. You could also end up damaging the carpet. If it isn’t budging, try adding a little more bleach to the solution. Once the stain has vanished, use a paper towel to pat the carpet dry.

Remove Stains From Wool Carpets

Again, make sure to vacuum your floor before anything else, and try to remove the stain as soon as it happens. Start by using a small amount of warm water and a paper towel to gently blot the stain. Avoid using too much water, as this could damage the wool and cause a lingering odour. Once the stain starts to fade, use a white cloth and warm water to continue blotting it. Eventually, it should disappear.

Make Your Home That Little Bit More Homely

At the end of the day, a home is meant to be lived in. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll go through life without a couple of stains cropping up here and there; they’re never the end of the world and can usually be removed with relative ease. Here at Goring Road Carpet Centre, we would never want you to compromise your fun for the sake of your flooring. Our extensive range of flooring includes bleach-friendly, easy-clean carpets, perfect for any household with kids or pets. These are sure to give you that extra peace of mind and allow you to live your life without fear.

Get in Touch With Goring Road Carpet Centre Today

Flooring is one of the first things visitors will notice about your home and can make a huge difference to your overall home design. For professionally installed carpet that gives your home the look and feel you’ve been wanting, get in touch with the friendly team at Goring Road Carpet Centre today. We are always more than happy to offer expert advice on what would work best for your property and provide further guidance on how best to care for your new flooring. Take your home to the next level with our flawless products and services!

How to Protect Your Carpet When Painting

How to Protect Your Carpet When Painting

If you’ve ever redecorated a house, you probably understand the struggle of attempting to redo the walls without splattering paint all over everything else in the room. This is especially true if you’ve also had a new carpet installed. Paint can be pretty much fatal to carpets, which is why we recommend taking every precaution to ensure it remains adequately protected throughout your painting process.

Cover the Floor

This is going to be the most important step to ensuring your carpet remains free of stains during your decorating process. No matter how skilled a painter you think you may be, there’s no guaranteeing that splodges of paint won’t fall from your brush and ruin your freshly laid flooring. For larger projects, we always recommend covering your entire carpet with a large cloth or plastic dust sheet. These can also be used to cover furniture and anything else you don’t want to be covered in paint. Covering your carpets with these sheets will protect them from any spills or stray drops from your paintbrush. You can find these sheets in any major hardware stores or online shops such as Amazon at very affordable prices. 

Alternatively, if you want to be extra careful, you can purchase dedicated carpet covers for painting, which will guarantee you won’t have any accidents concerning your carpet. These are easy to use, waterproof, and often come with adhesive to secure them in place, ensuring they won’t become dislodged as you paint. 

A newspaper may well do the trick if you are painting on a much smaller scale. Old papers are very handy when it comes to more awkward angles, as they can fit in every nook and cranny. If you are painting your skirting boards, we highly recommend using newspaper to cover the floor below to catch any running paint.

Paint With Care

Of course, whilst covering your carpet is necessary, it’s always best to avoid spilling paint where possible, if only to save on supplies and avoid a lengthy cleanup later on. Painting walls requires dedication and precision along with a steady hand. When using a roller, be sure to go slowly and carefully to avoid splattering or spilling paint over the floor. This will also ensure a smoother, more professional-looking finish. Also make sure that you don’t overload your roller or brush with paint, as this will most likely result in large amounts falling from the paintbrush onto the floor. Before applying it to the wall, wipe off the excess paint from your brush to ensure you aren’t overdoing it. 

When painting around awkward obstacles such as light switches, it can be highly beneficial to use an edging tool, as this will allow you to easily paint a clean, smooth edge without getting paint on anything you didn’t mean to get colour on.

Enjoy a Stunning New Home with Goring Road Carpets

Now that you know the best ways to protect your carpet when redecorating, nothing is standing in your way between you and your best home yet. Goring Road Carpets offers a luxury range of products perfect for the home of your dreams. Got any questions? No worries. Contact our friendly team today to find out all about our services and receive expert advice from the people who know best. Your perfect home may be just a carpet away!

Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean When You Have Kids


It can be challenging to furnish your home and keep it looking clean when little ones are running around the house all day. When it comes to picking your flooring, it’s generally advisable to stick to carpet when you have children, as it provides a much softer landing when they inevitably take a tumble here or there. The downside of this option is that it’s a lot harder to clean up spillages and mud from carpet than it is from wooden floors. If you’re looking to keep yours looking pristine, keep reading to find out our top tips for keeping your carpet child-proof.

Don't Opt For White...

At the end of the day, you probably won’t be able to prevent every bit of mess your kids create. A little bit of juice, mud or chocolate will inevitably end up somewhere on your new carpet. For this reason, we advise skipping the cream or white colour carpets and opting for a slightly more forgivable colour when it comes to stains. That doesn’t mean you have sacrifice style, though! We stock a vast range of stunning carpet styles, capable of transforming your home and giving it that perfect cosy or luxe look you’re going for.

Set Some Ground Rules and Stick to Them

When it comes to keeping any part of your home clean, it’s always worth setting a few easy rules to prevent any serious accidents. Even if it’s just making sure your child keeps their muddy boots by the door when they come in or banning any drinks that aren’t water from the carpeted room, these will hopefully go a long way in helping you avoid any carpet-related disasters. 

It’s also worth noting that you should ideally follow these rules as well in order to set an example for your kids. They’re much more likely to do as you do, not as you say, so go ahead and show them how it’s done!

Consider a Rug

If you or your children are particularly accident-prone, it may be worth investing in a stylish rug to cover some of the carpet until they’re old enough to be trusted not to make too much of a mess. While you might not want to cover up your brand new carpet, it may be an excellent temporary solution to protect the fabric and avoid reinstalling a whole new carpet when they’re a bit older. Make sure to place it wherever you deem most at risk from stains.

Be Prepared

Do a bit of research into how best to care for your carpet before having it installed. We suggest using Stainguard as an extra protective layer, which should hopefully allow you to avoid permanent damage. Always make sure you’re stocked up on the best carpet cleaning products so you can act swiftly if any accidents occur.

Contact Goring Road Carpets to Complete Your Family Home

When it comes down to it, your home is there to be lived in, and having a beautiful carpet shouldn’t change that. Here at Goring Road Carpets, we stock a stunning array of high-quality products that will transform your home and make it a safe and comfortable environment for your kids. If you’re looking for more advice on how best to care for your carpet, or you’d like to enquire about a fitting, get in touch with the expert team today. Your happiest home yet may be just a phone call away!

How Can Wood Flooring Improve Your Property Value

wood flooring

Owning a property does not only mean having a place to live – it is a significant investment for your future as well. So, you should be careful about each element used in your property.

You need to choose the right products for your property that can easily add more value. Though there are different ways of upscale the value, one effective method is using hardwood flooring in your home.

Whether you are renovating your existing home or building a new one, consider wood flooring to make it a great investment into your future.

Reasons to Invest in Wood Flooring

They Look Stunning: The gorgeous, classy, and stunning look of wood flooring flawlessly adds more value to the interior of your home.

They are Versatile: Wood flooring complements all types of interior designs. They have a versatile style and look, which is perfect for various interior colours.

They are Durable: When it comes to getting something durable and long-lasting for your home, you cannot ignore the importance of wood flooring.

They are Harmless: If you are concerned about your family’s health, wood flooring is the right choice because they are non-allergenic. While carpet flooring can increase the chance of having allergies, wood flooring can keep your interior free from this threat.

They are Perfect for Every Room: Whether you want to renovate your kitchen floor or install a new floor for the bedroom – wood is the perfect option for your entire house.

If you plan to sell your home after two or five years, go with wood flooring now to obtain a great value for your property. Even if you want to live in the house with your loved ones, wood flooring will be the most appropriate choice for you.

At Goring Road Carpet Centre, we offer a selection of top-quality wood flooring from the most reputed suppliers. Our experts are specialists in carpet installation and all types of flooring jobs.

Please get in touch with us for more information.